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We are looking to hire owner operators. Owner operators are paid 70% of the line haul if they pull one of our company trailers. The benefit of pulling a company trailer is that they can pull any of the types we have – flatbed, step-deck, double drop – depending on what the load requires to get it to the destination. Another advantage of pulling a company trailer is that we have some of them spotted at various customers and are loaded – waiting for the driver –  so the owner operator does not have to wait for his trailer to be live loaded. All over-sized permits are paid by the company.

If you own and pull your own trailer, the pay is 77%. You will be paid 100% of the fuel surcharge and 90% of any other accessorial charge. We pay public liability insurance, but they can purchase comprehensive through our company at a reasonable rate. We have pre-pass transponders for scales and tolls, fuel cards with discounts that go to them, and direct deposit for settlements. We haul a lot of LTL loads which is an extra piece that goes with the main haul. The advantage of this is it brings up the revenue for the truck.

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